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Age: 28 yrs | Height: 5ft 7in - (170cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Bachelors Degree | Education-Field: Engineering/Technology | Occupation: Not working

I want to practice KC throughout my life with complete devotion and looking for a partner who has the same purpose in life.

Age: 43 yrs | Height: 5ft 1in - (155cm) | Country: Brazil | Education-Level: PhD / Post Doctoral | Education-Field: Education | Occupation:

Age: 48 yrs | Height: 5ft 11in - (180cm) | Country: Bulgaria | Education-Level: High school | Education-Field: Travel and Tourism | Occupation:

I like very much chenting dancing and taking prasadam.

Age: 31 yrs | Country: India | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Computer/IT | Occupation:

Age: 35 yrs | Height: 5ft 7in - (170cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Science | Occupation: Banking Professional

I am working as Manager with Federal Bank Ltd, Credit Hub, Chandigarh. Got associated with ISKCON in 2008, late September.It has been a rewarding beginning with able support and a totally new refreshing practical experience of life. I love preaching and public speaking - presenting lectures on Krishna Consciousness (liked by my Shiksha Guru so just following), would like to follow it throughout my life with healthy support of my partner. Curiosity and inquisitiveness brought me to ISKCON. I had read a few books before coming in contact with the devotees, so I was already convinced about my future goals. After my association with devotees, my job i.e my material occupation has become easier and fully satisfying.

Age: 33 yrs | Height: 5ft 10in - (178cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Computer/IT | Occupation: Software Professional (Others)

Working as a product manager in Ahmedabad.

Age: 30 yrs | Height: 5ft 6in - (167cm) | Country: Senegal | Education-Level: HighSchool | Education-Field: Nursing/Health Science | Occupation: Nurse

I am a very simple and decent girl that is caring, lovely and understandable. Above all i am very humble.i am looking for a lovely and caring man that is very decent as well as very understandable.

Age: 30 yrs | Height: 5ft 10in - (178cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: Masters Degree | Education-Field: Engineering/Technology | Occupation: Business Owner / Entrepreneur

I am running Cyber Security Training & Research Laboratory. I came to KC in 2006. By the inspiration of HG Radheshyam Pr , HG Premharinam pr, HG Krishnakishore pr etc. I am practicing devotional service in the association of devotees. Currently I am situated in Meerut & running education & research business. I am serving the congregation in meerut in preaching, book distribution etc. I love to associate with devotees, hear their realizations, serving with them etc.

Age: 34 yrs | Height: 5ft 9in - (175cm) | Country: Guatemala | Education-Level: Graduate degree | Education-Field: Advertising/Marketing | Occupation:

Age: 42 yrs | Height: 5ft 4in - (162cm) | Country: India | Education-Level: PhD / Post Doctoral | Education-Field: Management | Occupation:

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