Grihasta Rules
  1. This site is for devotees of lord Krishna. One should be chanting and following the regulative principles as per ISKCON standard.
  1. Note that posting email or web links to external sites or phone numbers in viewable sections of your profile is illegal in and your profile will be banned.
  1. Prospective brides should be 18 or older and Prospective grooms should be 21 or older to register.
  1. Please complete all sections of your profile by going to Edit Profile after login within 48 hrs. All entries are compulsory. Otherwise your profile will be deleted.
  1. Please note that creating multiple profiles will cause you to lose all profiles and chance to create any future profiles as well
  1. There is no fixed number on the number of express interests or send messages that one can send, but that does not mean that one has license to repeatedly send messages to someone who has either not replied or replied in negative. Be responsible and dont be an irritant.
  1. Sending unprofessional, abusive, disturbing emails to members will incur immediate ban on receipt of proof of such activity.
  1. Do not put address, names of father, mother etc in the profile.


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